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DNA Revealed In Trooper Murder Case

Prosecutors revealed there is DNA evidence linked to a pistol they believe was used to gun down Maryland State Trooper Wesley Brown outside a Suitland Applebee's restaurant June 11.

A detective confirmed the existence of DNA on the gun while being questioned during a preliminary hearing by the attorney for accused trigger-man Cyril Cornelius Williams, 27, of Seat Pleasant.

Judge Robert Heffron Jr. ruled there is probable cause to continue holding Williams without bail and to take the case to trial.

Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn Ivey is not ruling out the possibility of pursuing the death penalty for Williams. DNA is among the requirements to bring a death penalty case in Maryland.

Trooper Brown was shot and killed while working as a security guard at the restaurant. Security video shows Brown escorting a man out of the restaurant before the murder.

Car Crash Victim Mis-Diagnosed for Next Day Cancer Surgery

A Patient who was wrongly marked to have surgery for cancer has filed a lawsuit.

Joseph Wheeler filed a $14.3 milliom lawsuit against Prince George's Hospital in Upper Marlboro, over his treatment following a June 23 car accident.

His is seeking $3.6 million in compensation damages and a further $10.7 million in punitive damages for assault and battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress from owner of the hospital Dimensions Health Corporation.

He was admitted with serious injuries, but hospital staff accidently marked him for next-day cancer surgery, and when he started protesting and tried to leave, two large staff "security" men held him down, causing Joseph even more pain.

Upper Marlboro man pleads guilty in 'Nigerian scam'

The Washington Examiner reports that an Upper Marlboro man originally from Nigeria admitted that he posed as a federal agent to run a "Nigerian scam" that defrauded victims out of about $300,000.

David Johnson, who also goes by Ukoha Eke, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and impersonate a federal official in a Florida federal court. He was apprehended in a sting operation in Maryland in May.