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Chef Huda
Celebrity Chef, Food & Entertainment writer, Good Food Enthusiast & Creator of "A Happy Food Place"



If your thinking 1950’s Hollywood starlet, undeniably stylish and classy, combined with the talent to create beautiful dishes that keep people craving more, then you have the brand known as Chef Huda. Great food and style are truly her gift to the culinary world. She is a connoisseur and a unique foodie aiming to improve the world’s relationship with food. 

A native of Massachusetts, Chef Huda's love for the culinary arts presented itself at a young age.  She was raised in a completely organic household which sparked her interest in food knowledge and influenced her creativity.

Chef Huda is a graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park. After college she decided to embark on an adventure that would yield her true talents.  She studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles, California, under the teachings of Chef Eric Greenspan, and finished at the top of her class.  Immediately following, Chef Huda was graced with the opportunity to work under the tutelage of Chef John Gladish at The Chef, LLC Company. This opportunity allowed Chef Huda to work among the elite in the LA food scene. 

Since working in California, Chef Huda returned to the Washington DC metro area and established a catering company, Pretty and Delicious, LLC, where she serves as owner and CEO.  Chef Huda lives by her mission, “Food should be Pretty and Delicious’ at all times. I want to help people find "A Happy Food Place" in their daily lives by improving their relationship with Food"! 

Chef Huda further drives her culinary point of view by bringing elegance back to the kitchen with her Marilyn Monroe inspired style; cooking in designer heels and fashionable garments as homage to stay-at-home mothers from the 1950s era. 

Chef Huda attributes her rise in the culinary industry to her drive for perfection, people and fantastic food.  Given her multicultural background, Chef Huda incorporates flavors from around the world into her cooking.  Indian, French, Soul, Asian, American, Southern American, Spanish and more can be found in her delectable menu. 

Chef Huda’s delicious culinary creations have received national rave reviews from Hollywood celebrities to Congressional representatives.  Her cuisine was featured on “Donald J. Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger,” where it received rave reviews.  

Chef Huda has also been featured on the Howard Stern Show, WUSA Ch. 9 (CBS), The CW Network, News Channel 8 (ABC), and showcased at many events including the March of Dimes Signature Chefs, WBLS Circle of Sisters expo, BET Foundation Women’s Expo, just to name a few.  Chef Huda continues to share her culinary gift with the world on a daily basis.

To keep up with Chef Huda, visit; www.chefhuda.com