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Your One Fashion Resolution for 2011

Your One Fashion Resolution for 2011

If you only have one fashion resolution for the New Year, let it be this: only buy things that make you feel fantastic. It may sound simplistic, but many times people purchase things that they are just "eh" about. Sometimes those purchases are made for very practical reasons - lack of time / money / energy, or it is just difficult to find clothing that fits correctly. But, one purchase that is just "okay" leads to more purchases that "will do"....and that leads to an entire closet of "meh" clothing. It's one of the reasons people can have an entire closet full of clothes, yet feel like they have nothing to wear.

Has National Harbor Helped Changed The Image of Prince George's County?

Ask drivers from Virginia, who travel into Maryland, and they will tell you it is hard not to notice the beautiful development that overlooks the Potomac River, especially during the evening and night times where the National Harbor is illuminated with bright vibrate colors.  The National Harbor has not only become a destination, located just minutes away from our Nation's capital, but also a symbol of change for a county that has long struggled with attracting large public and private sector employers as well as high to middle-class retail options for its' residents compared to the surrounding counties.